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Abigail - Florida

I was always interested in wolves as a child; they were the most beautiful creatures in my mind. However, after learning more about them I never felt I could handle a full fledge wolf mix. I instead looked up breeds that would be suitable substitutes in my mind and came across the Shiba Inu's. From there I found Blustag Tamaskan and finally learned of the Tamaskans through their web page. I thought they would be rough dogs, the ones that bark at every other dog and can't get along with children. I also thought that I would never be able to take her outside without a leash or other means of containment. I was very wrong on those assumptions, as I have learned through research and through raising my new puppy.

For the past year and a half I have conducted research on the Tamaskan breed, looking forward to the day that I would have one of my own. I did not know, however, how soon that day would actually come. I am a 19 year old college student still living at home, I had originally planned to get a puppy when I was older and more settled in my own home. As it turns out that wasn't how fate would have it. I was on Blustag Tamaskan's website a few months back looking at the new puppy litters when I noticed very quickly this adorable light colored little girl that wasn't yet claimed. I instantly knew I wanted her and prayed it would work out that I could have her. After talking to Kevin and my parents that night, I was set and ready to buy. It has been about a month since then; Abigail is 12 weeks old and going strong. She grows like a weed, in size and intelligence. It took her only 9 weeks to learn she can let me know when she needs to potty (though she still has accidents here and there) and 10 weeks to figure out how to get on the couch (it took my brother's dog 16 weeks). Her intelligence, which I witness every day , shows most in the way she will "look" at things. I call it the "wolf stare", it is intense and it feels like Abigail knows everything about you in that one look. She has an incredible nose and always knows when there is something edible around. Abigail is loyal and loving, even when she bites, which we are working to break her of! Her energy never ceases, and it seems everyday we both learn something new. My family and friends joke that she is a little monster, but I know she isn't. She is an ever-learning, fun-loving, Tamaskan puppy.
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