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Testomonial - Balto (2023)

After spending the last 35 years raising and working with high content wolfdogs, I wanted a dog that had that wolflike look, but was all dog. I did my research on Tamaskans and decided that was the perfect dog for me. We also wanted a dog that we could safely raise around our two cats. I contacted several Tamaskan “Breeders” and was getting the run-around, until I came across Blustag Tamaskan in North Carolina. From the moment I contacted them, they were extremely helpful and answered all ...

Testimonial - Lupa (2022)

On 12/17/22, my husband and I made the trip from Kentucky to North Carolina to pick up our Tamaskan puppy, Lupa! I discovered the breed about a year ago and have fallen in love.

Jessica @ Blustag Tamaskan answered every question and really had a feel for the type of puppy I was wanting to adopt. We talked about the fact that I had recently lost my Golden mix Lily, my beloved baby girl who had saved my life. Jessica sent tons of pictures and was absolutely wonderful making the whole ...

Testimonial - Miley (2022)

She is the best dog EVER! I have 3 more but she's been the easiest puppy I've had.
She is so kind and gentle but sometimes such a toddler. lol She's a character for sure and she's stealing everyone's hearts that she meets!!!

I love her soo much!!! Thank you for giving me my dream dog

Testimonial - Nimbus (2019)

It has been an amazing experience so far owning this pup (we changed his name to Nimbus). Everywhere we go with him people swarm around him. He is so beautiful and friendly that it's hard for him not to be the center of attention. In fact, we bought him to Central Park in Manhattan yesterday and about 75% of the people we came across had to comment on him, it was extraordinary. We would absolutely love to give you and your staff the highest of accolades for bringing such a perfect pup into our ...

Testimonial - Tala (2019)

My experience with blustag was very good, they were there through every step. The puppy I got is super sweet, and very cute! I just love coming home to her! I would definitely recommend this breeder if you are looking for a

Testimonial - Ivy (2019)

Hi! Sorry I've been meaning to I've just been super busy with her! 😂 She's going great!
Potty training and crate training haven't been her favorite but she's super playful and loves to be outside!
The adoption process was seriously wonderful. All of my questions were answered and more!
Everyone was super nice and helpful - thank you so much

Testimonial - Cassie (2019)

Feedback :) We were absolutely thrilled with the level of service that we received and our puppy is just beautiful. Danielle and her team went out of their way to provide awesome communication throughout the entire process and even helped to arrange a Pet Nanny service to transport our new little girl from North Carolina to Oregon. We just had our first vet visit today and our vet was so impressed with not only the health of our puppy but her temperament. We are grateful for the ...

Maiko - New York (2019)

My husband and I were looking into getting a Tamaskan puppy for over 4 years. We did extensive research into choosing the right breeder. When we fell across Blustag Tamaskan, we knew we found our breeder!
When we finally decided on the right time to bring a new puppy into our family, we looked back on Blustag's website and saw they had 3 litters available! We contacted Danielle and she was able to call me that same day and explain to me the process of buying one of her puppies as well, ...

Testimonial - Smokey (2019)

Hello! Smokey has been a fearless, energetic little pup. He loves going to the farm and playing with all of the other dogs in our family.
He's quick to learn, adventurous, and all around a pretty independent dog!
He's super behaved and already knows how to use the stairs (up and down) and he woke me up twice last night to tell me he had to go potty.
Not a single accident in the house yet so he's been so

Testimonial - Max (2019)

Max has been great so far! He's a puppy and will chew anything that he can get his mouth on, but he's so kind and has a REALLY sweet/gentle disposition.
Loves to be held, and he is everything that I hoped for.
He's so beautiful! And he loves to

Kayla - Florida

Dear Blustag,
Being enamored by wolves, my eldest son returned home one day with a 7 wk old wolf puppy he had purchased from a breeder in Texas. It took about three weeks for him to realize that maybe this was not the best "house" pet to own. Considering State permit requirements, enclosure guidelines by Fish and Wildlife, liability insurance costs, and veterinarian care, he came to the decision to return the wolf pup, although beautiful and playful, to the breeder. It was then that I ...

Makos - Maryland

Danielle and Kevin were great to work with. They were always responsive and accommodating. The one time they did not pick up my phone call they called me back in 20 minutes. As for my Tamaskan, now named Mako, I could not have asked for a better dog. He is as loyal as they come and has done of personality. I could tell they did a good job raising him his first 2 Months. The first time Danielle handed him to us he was so friendly and excited to meet new people. I scheduled a vet appointment for ...

Cooper & Lexi - Georgia

What a wonderful not so little puppy!
Cooper is so much different than Lexi. She is a bit aloof, independent, but oh so nice. Cooper is a huggable tyke who likes to cuddle

Lexi is a good big sister. They play all day (when not napping). Sometimes a little roughly but usually lexi takes care of cooper. She is jealous of toys, has to possess all of them. So they play chase, she takes the toy, and puts it in her pile, or the toy box. Cooper has figured out to just get ...

Apache - Georgia

Finally taking a minute to say hey and let you know that Frankie is now Apache and he is doing great! The pic of him and my son asleep is the ride back to Alabama. Then the others are obvious. He is already free feeding on his own and has been kennel broke a couple weeks. Even though he only goes in it when we have to go somewhere he isn't allowed. I am already recognizing several of his Good genetic drives! He is going to be one awesome dog. He seems to be taking to obedience very well. He is ...

George - Indiana

Dear Blustag,
My wife and I are quality dog breeders as well and until 2010 a Tamaskan was only a breed I'd heard of. We know dogs very well and there are just a few breeds that truly "wow" us. But after discovering Blustag Tamaskan on a breeding site I was much more than "wowed." Honestly I watched some of the videos of the Tamaskans on the Blustag site and got a great feel for them, especially some of the interactions with Danielle. So I expected an intelligent puppy, easy to train, with ...

Kodiak - Pennsylvania

I couldn't have asked for a better experience with purchasing a Tamaskan puppy from you. We purchased Kodiak from you in March of 2013. You were great with keeping us updated with photos of him after we purchased him. The process of receiving him from you was wonderful and he is now a very wonderful companion for us! He is a very gentle giant and we absolutely adore him. He is wonderful with our other dogs and our children. Sometimes he doesn't realize how big he is and accidentally knocks over ...

Akela - Georgia

Dear Blustag.
I scoured the internet and watched every Dog 101 episode on Animal Planet. The conclusion I came to was that I wanted a wolf which was unfortunately illegal in Georgia. So I began the search for the most wolf like dog I could legally adopt. Eventually I found the Tamaskan breed and Blustag Tamaskan. The concerns I had were prey drive (how they would be with cats and kids), how they would be with other dogs, life span and health. The first night our older dog was nervous ...

Tidus - New York

Dear Danielle,
I discovered the Tamaskan breed while looking into purchasing a German shepherd or wolf hybrid. I stumbled upon some links/articles about a breed of dog that had all the physical traits of a wolf, yet were better mannered. Naturally, I had to investigate. After doing my homework on the breed, I decided that this was the exact breed of dog I was looking for. Upon researching breeders, I came across the Blustag Tamaskan and was thoroughly impressed with the physical attributes ...

Abigail - Florida

I was always interested in wolves as a child; they were the most beautiful creatures in my mind. However, after learning more about them I never felt I could handle a full fledge wolf mix. I instead looked up breeds that would be suitable substitutes in my mind and came across the Shiba Inu's. From there I found Blustag Tamaskan and finally learned of the Tamaskans through their web page. I thought they would be rough dogs, the ones that bark at every other dog and can't get along with ...

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